What is Podiatry?

It has been a norm for everyone to visit a doctor whenever they fall ill. People used to seek medical doctor’s help regardless of the type of ailment they suffered. As a result, doctors had hard times to listen to the patients and to refer them to another specialist who can handle their issues.

However, the pressure led to the formation of new fields in medicine for handling specific kinds of ailments. Today, many branches of medicine specialise in a particular type of illness, and you have to undergo training and introductory study to become a specialist in a particular field. One of the branches is termed as podiatry.

Podiatry refers to a health profession concerned with the treatment and prevention of ailments related to ankles and feet. It has been proven to be an independent field and many institutions off it as a course on its own.

Significance of podiatry

Vast knowledge on the ankle and foot analogy – podiatry has vast knowledge on all illnesses related to the foot. The specialists have been well trained to handle exceptional cases that may arise from the lower foot.

Patients get useful advice from the specialists – podiatrists provide guidance and counselling to their patients such as what they should not do when they are in the period of recovering, or how they can prevent similar problems in the future.

Specialised treatment – getting treatment from experts is better than guessing on the medication to use. Specialised treatment helps for a quick recovery. The clinic is also equipped with the necessary tools that facilitate treatment and recovery processes.

Avoiding potential problems – by having an early visit to the podiatrist, they can understand what you are about to experience and help you avoid such problems. Every person prefers prevention rather than cure.

Podiatry treatment services

Some of the most common specialised treatment in podiatry includes the following:

Heel pain – is a common ailment experienced by most people. It may result from a long walk or any activity that may interfere with the heels. Fortunately, there is an efficient cure and podiatrists know precisely how to apply.

Bone fractures – bone fractures are a bit severe and require the help of a specialist to help in the recovery. Besides, they will offer additional advice such as how you should handle the fractured foot and if you can apply pressure to it by walking.

Fungal infections – Fungal infections mostly occur between the toes and can cause a lot of discomfort to the patient. It is accompanied by a foul odour that makes it shameful to sit close to people. Some might think that the smell is natural, but in a real sense, it is not. Podiatrists know what to do in case you have fungal infections.

Blisters – blisters can occur on foot as a result of wearing closed shoes for an extended period. The leg does not get sufficient fresh air and may start to swell. You need to seek a specialist’s help immediately when you spot blisters on your feet.

Many other illnesses are curable by podiatrists and save you from suffering for a long period of time without help. You can find the podiatrist specialist in a podiatry clinic. You can also go to a regular doctor if you decide to ask for a referral. Doctors keep in touch with such specialists and will know precisely the best one to recommend.

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