Four Traits of a Good Makeup Artist

A makeup artist is a professional who is concerned with helping people to have better appearances or different in character than their usual selves with the use of makeup. There are many fields that employ the services of a makeup artist including theatre, TVs, entertainment, and film among others.

To be a professional makeup artist, one needs to learn the relevant skills through courses offered at recognised intuitions. For a makeup artist to become successful in his work, he needs to portray the following character traits.

Best attributes of a professional makeup artist

  • Creative

An excellent makeup artist needs to be highly creative so as to remain relevant in the field. Every client is unique from another and requires different kinds of treatment. Thus a makeup artist should be able to evaluate each client and unlock the secret to their appearances before he begins to work on improving them.

  • Able to withstand long working hours

For a makeup artist, most of the work is done while he is standing. Thus, a makeup expert should have the strength to stand for long hours without getting fatigued. This will ensure that they provide quality work and avoid errors that may arise as a result of exhaustion.

  • Excellent communication skills

This will enable the artist to have clear communication with his bosses and clients making it easier to arrive at a common goal. A makeup artist should be an active listener and also capable of presenting their views in precise formats. The artist must also be familiar with the local language in his area of deployment to ensure they get every detail correct.

  • Better test for colours

Since most of the work involves choosing the right colours to use, a makeup artist should have a great test for colours. To achieve this, they need to know the right colour combinations and blending. Colour blending is what will determine the outcome of the artist’s work in the long run.

Thus, a makeup artist needs to possess all these traits if they want to be successful in this business venture because there are currently many individuals that are engaging in the field.

What a makeup artist needs to do before applying makeup

A makeup artist needs to follow all the steps before, during, and after applying makeup on their client to guarantee success. Here are some of the things that a makeup artist needs to do before applying makeup on their client.

  • Assess client’s skin

The artist needs to carefully examine his client’s skin in terms of colour, type, condition, and also sensitivity. This will provide them with crucial information on the type and nature of makeup to use.

The makeup expert should have profound knowledge of the colour principles while taking into account ethnicity, race, skin colour, and undertones. This is the first step that will help to create a foundation for the entire work of the makeup artist.

  • Study the client’s bone structure

Every person is unique in their own way. Thus, a makeup artist needs to have a clear understanding of their client’s bone structure to know where exactly to apply each kind of makeup. Some individuals have protruding bones while others have thick layers of skin covering their bones, each one requiring specific treatment. To sum up all this information, a makeup artist needs to be highly observant and creative.

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