How to Choose the Ideal Hospital Mobile Shower Trolley

Choosing a hospital mobile shower trolley involves a lot of factors.  Yet, determining the right one to go for can be quick and easy when you know what is suitable and right for your needs and preference.

Patients with mobility issues tend to spend a lot of cumulative time in a shower trolley. This need means that they have to be safely supported and comfortable while taking a bath. Caregivers can also make the bathing process safe and easy with the right hospital mobile shower trolley.

The process of deciding for the ideal shower trolley becomes simplified when the following factors are considered, to include:

Safety of the patient

The safety of the patient is the top-most concern when it comes to the bathing process. One of the important factors to consider is the height of the safety rails. A patient is ensured safety when rails are high enough to support him/her. A carer can become nervous and patient vulnerable when the rails are too low.

The stability of the trolley is the next important consideration. A carer will find it difficult with the possibility of causing further injury to a patient when trolley wobbles or rocks while moving. The best trolley is one that is easy to manoeuvre, but also heavy enough.

Another factor is the choice between a wall-mounted and mobile trolley.  Having a carer on each side of the mobile trolley makes it the safest equipment to use during bathing time.

Size of the mobile shower trolley

The size of the mobile shower trolley should be carefully considered. You might end up purchasing a trolley that’s too tough to manoeuvre or too wide for the room. Measuring the area is the smartest way to get a trolley that leaves enough room for you to get in and out.

 A too-narrow mobile trolley can also cause problems. The patient needs to be rolled during the bathing time and the small space could make it difficult to do so safely.

Easy to use

Ease of use is often the most overlooked factor in the choice of a mobile shower trolley. The foremost factor to consider is the braking system of the mobile trolley. The caster lock on each side of the trolley means that the carer has to go around both sides to put the brakes on.

Yet, there are trolley designs that operate a central braking system using one pedal. This mobile shower trolley model offers the safest way to transport and bathe a patient. A carer leaving a patient to lock in the brakes also leaves them vulnerable to accidents.

Easy to adjust

A mobile shower trolley is not a one-size-fits-all piece of equipment. Every patient has different requirements and situations. A higher standard of care becomes possible when a mobile shower trolley can be easily adjusted to any situation that demands it.

A mobile shower trolley that can tilt to allow draining of water and on a platform for easy transfers is the one to go for. A fixed tilted position trolley makes it harder for the carer to give the best and safe bathing process to the patient.

The best hospital mobile trolley is one that has an electric tilt, quite heavy but provides easy manoeuvrability, central braking system, and easy to use.
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