How nutritionists can help you

You work out daily at the gym. You always have a yearly physical. You get at least an annual dermatologist check-up as well. You even have a monthly chiropractic session. But what about scheduling an appointment with a nutritionist?

You need to optimise your digestive system to have a smoothly running body. Just like your eyes needing an ophthalmologist for annual or mid-year checkups, so do your digestive system.

Whatever your health goals are, learning and doing the right eating lifestyle is gaining optimum health for the long haul.

Signs and symptoms that needs help from a nutritionist

There are signs and symptoms that need the immediate attention of a nutritionist.

You have lactose intolerance

Does your stomach get all twisty after eating a cup of ice cream? Do you feel full of gas after drinking a glass of milk? These are actually symptoms of lactose intolerance. Consulting with an RD can inform you of the proper diagnosis. The RD is the best person to help you figure out if any dairy product can be allowed in your diet.

You think you have food allergies

It is a smart idea to arrange an appointment with an RD first before you do any drastic food cuts from your diet. An RD is a licensed food professional that can help you figure out if your symptoms are related to food allergies. Proper food guidance is the best way to avoid acquiring nutrient deficiencies.

You can’t seem to lose weight

You have tried all sorts of diet and still can’t seem to lose weight. Or a diet can temporarily make you lose weight but gain it all back shortly. Rather than following a specific eating plan, an RD can help you meet your weight loss goal. An RD is the health team professional that can help you change your lifestyle through healthy habits and behaviours. They can make you understand the logic behind the food groups that fuel the body and the ways to achieve balance in the choices of food.

You have extreme food appetite levels

You feel that your appetite has dramatically increased or severely decreased. These extreme changes in your appetite are warning signs of some serious medical conditions. Seeing an RD is a good way to start before consulting with a doctor.

You suffer from irregular BM

Most doctors agree that the healthiest bowel movements should happen two times a day. Skipping a couple of bathroom days needs an RD’s attention. An RD will make some diet changes to cut off foods that induce constipation.

You are obsessed with food

If you’re always thinking about the next meal ALL the time, it’s time to make an appointment with an RD. The early manifestation of disordered eating condition is an obsession with food. An unusual preoccupation with food not fuelled by hunger needs nutrition science help from an RD.

You go on binge eating when emotionally stressed

You need to schedule a visit to an RD when you binge eat every time you’re sad, depressed or anxious. If left unchecked, binge eating can lead to weight gain resulting in serious medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

The psychologist for your body is an RD. Life adjustment and challenges can be met head-on when your nutrition needs are met. The right diet can make or break your health. See a nutritionist that are on the Gold Coast for help and guidance to healthy eating.

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