Hervey Bay Dentist: Common Dental Problems

While dental problems can be a cause of much concern, the good thing is that these can easily be rectified. Taking care of oral hygiene by regular brushing and flossing can cut these problems into half. Having prior knowledge of these problems can help you find the right solution to these issues. Aura Dental Clinic in Hervey Bay have identified the following common dental problems. These include:


Halitosis or bad breath is caused by an accumulation of bacteria in the mouth. It is a very embarrassing condition and one which quite a few people have had to deal with at some point in their lives. According to Hervey bay dentists, there is often an underlying condition which could be the reason for bad breath.

Usually reasons could include gum diseases, cavities or ulcers in the mouth. Also bacteria build up on the tongue could be a reason of halitosis as well. While using a mouth wash can only temporarily mas the problem, the root cause has to be identified at first.

The key is to visit your dentists first and let them analyze the actual problem. Administering the right treatment would help resolve halitosis as well and prevent embarrassing situations.

Decaying teeth

Tooth decay is another common problem. Laziness in maintaining oral hygiene and eating sugar rich food are the major reason for these issues. Plaque is a sticky substance which starts forming on the enamel. It secrets an acid which not cleaned properly can slowly start eroding the enamel. The top most layer of the enamel when damaged exposes the tooth to acid directly leading to cavities or dental carries.

Cavities are just not for children, in fact older people get them as well. Routine dental checkups can help get rid of cavities. The dentist would fill the cavities and help prevent further tooth decay.

Periodontal or gum disease

When the gums get infected they would start to bleed. This is a painful condition. It can even lead to further problems like gingivitis. It can eventually result in tooth loss in adults. Studies also show a link between gum diseases and heart health. This is why it’s necessary to schedule yearly visits to your dentist.

Mouth ulcers

Mouth sores or ulcers can be of different types. In either case these are quite painful and need to be analyzed by a dentist. These sores are contagious and just one could lead to a host of others springing out in different parts of the mouth. While the sores eventually go away on their own, medical intervention can help provide relief.


Sensitivity is a common problem yet one which can be quite painful. Being sensitive to hot or cold food can be a cause of major discomfort. This is often due to the exposed nerves in the teeth. The major reason for sensitivity could be tooth abscess. It can be treated easily and just needs a visit to a Hervey bay dentist.

All of the above mentioned problems are quite common and simply require visit to a dentist in Hervey bay.

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