Emergence of a Matristic Order .

The need for an emergence of the matristic (or partnership model) is not solely related to women. It is a rising in consciousness which relates to all beings. Patriarchy has reigned unchecked and now it threatens our very survival.

A matristic (or partnership) society is one which is centred on what are traditionally thought of the feminine values of nurture, care, co- operation, protection, unconditionality, reciprocity, and connectedness to earth ... in short a matristic order simply recognises that all life springs from the feminine.What needs to arise, while concerned for the rights and well-being of women, is more broadly concerned with life itself in all its various manifestations. In short it is a restoration of balance to this unchecked patriarchy.

Let it be said immediately that this is not to denigrate in any way the proper aspirations of feminism. Social and financial status, employment equality, physical and emotional safely, inter alia, are a part of a wider shifting of collective awareness and as such are deserving of encouragement and support.

Before continuing with the main theme let’s consider, by way of example, the question of physical and emotional safety. Following the heinous rape of a 23 year old in Delhi, the rape and murder of Jill Meagher in Melbourne, the shooting of 29-year-old Reeva Steenkamp in Pretoria and all the unreported abuses against women every day there has been a clear and utterly defensible call from women for safety. However, this is not to say that boys, gay men and other male minority groups ought not to also be protected from physical bashing, torment and rape. Currently the spotlight is on the cause of women but actually it is a call for safety from physical and emotional abuse for all beings, including males and animals. For example, the widespread protest in Australia, after the broadcast of the treatment of exported cattle to certain Indonesian abattoirs, was enough to cause a halt to that trade until the abbatoirs concerned demonstrated that they kept to humane practice. This protest indicates that the rise in concern for safety and proper treatment extends far more widely that abuse against women.

This emergence is essential if the peoples of the earth are to continue the great human project of social evolution. It is clear to many that the patriarchal order which governed from the rise of ancient Greece is reaching a point of no return in relation to threatening population growth, damage to physical environment, political governance and general lack of sustainability. That means that were the current order to continue then resource depletion, subsequent competition, warfare and a widening lack of distribution of the common-wealth would appear to bring about an inescapable collapse into either social chaos or tribalism. As Einstein once said, “I don’t know what WW3 will be fought with but WW4 will be with sticks and stones.”

Therefore we can see this emergence of the matristic as a raising of consciousness or awareness in all human beings as an essential platform for the shift from patriarchal exploitation towards a sustainable way of being on the earth.

Take reciprocity for instance. Just now we are experiencing the reign of corporate consciousness. This corporatism has inverted the natural order. Once business existed in order to satisfy the needs of people. Today society is treated as existing for the benefit of corporations. A clear example of this occurred during the GFC (global financial crisis) of 2007-2008 when Governments such as the Federal Government in Australia handed out cash to selected individuals in order to stimulate the purchase of goods. One of the most immediately visible aspects of corporatism, from the viewpoint of those who purchase the end products, is that it is not reciprocal. Try to communicate with Apple/Microsoft or one of the major banks and see what happens. You will be met by a phone call centre which probably lies off shore in a country whose first language is different from your own. These helpful folk have no authority and can only direct you according to the screens which dictate options. In other words your inquiry is not valued for the organisation is not reciprocal and therefore not interested in relationship beyond accepting your payment. Have you ever purchased a faulty product? Not long ago such a purchase would be simply replaced with another item. Not any more as possibly you have experienced. Others have discovered lack of reciprocity when they have a disputed bill. Furthermore, corporatism takes public assets (clean air, water, space) without cost and returns pollution which then requires public money for collection and disposal or rehabilitation. Again corporatism’s actions are uni lateral, taking without returning.

In nature all relationships are reciprocal. The tree takes nourishment from the earth through its roots system and also returns leaf and litter to that ground which becomes the soil feeding humus. Animals which graze on grasslands return vital compost to the earth via their droppings, which is why they are so valued by gardeners. So this is the natural order, a give and take and not merely a take. Where lack of reciprocity exists systems become depleted and exhausted and human systems are no exception.

Matristic order is characterised by care and protection. Currently major systems are subject to ‘man-agement’ and we can see the outcome in, for example a depletion of forest, fish stock and soil depletion. In early 2013 the Australian Federal Government gave permission for miners to mine in Tasmania’s Tarkine, one of the few great forests remaining intact and home to a threatened Tasmanian Devil. Take the humble bee, a creature which permits pollination as well as providing honey. In contemporary United States the bee has been so abused (by forcing the animal to pollinate vast areas of agri business single crop such as pecan nut trees) that hive collapse is widespread. While this collapse is worsened by hive parasite infection the bees are prevented from a natural experience of a variety of flowers and pollens. Again such management is lacking in reciprocity and fails to provide care and protection for the essential services of the bee and for the soils. Monoculture erodes soils and required increased artificial fertiliser.

In an order which is cognisant of its deep, direct links to the earth, then soils, forests and oceans are protected and not exploited to breaking point as is now occurring. Perhaps we can see the characteristics of this connectedness to earth in the Dead Sea Scrolls (which were discovered besides the Dead Sea in 1948). What follows is taken from “The Gospels of the Essenes” (Pub: W.C.Daniel, Essex England 1979)

The Seven Angels of the Earthly Mother. (Angel = electro magnetic force)

The first communion is with the Angel of Sun,
She who cometh each morning, As a bride from her chamber,
To shed her golden light on the world.
O thou immortal, shining, swift-seeded Angel of the Sun!
There is no warmth without thee,
No fire without thee, no life without thee,
The green leaves of the trees do worship thee,
And through thee is the tiny wheat kernel
Become a river of golden grass, moving with the wind.
Through thee is opened the flower in the centre of my body,
Therefore will I never hide myself from thee, Angel of the Sun,
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother, Enter the holy temple within me
And give me the Fire of Life!

(Here we may read solar thermal power as the first alternative to coal fired electricity generation. Also we can remember that once humans lived with open hearts, the flower at the centre of the body.)

The second Communion is with the Angel of Water,
She who makes the rain to fall on the arid plain,
Who fills the dry well to over-flowing,
Yea, we do worship thee, Water of Life.
From the heavenly sea the waters run and flow forward
From the never-failing springs.
In my blood flow a thousand pure springs,
And vapours and clouds, all the waters
That spread over the seven Kingdoms.
All the waters the Creator hath made are holy.
The voice of the Lord is upon the waters:
The God of Glory thundereth;
The Lord is upon many waters Angel of Water,
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
Enter the blood that flows through me,
Wash my body in the rain that falls from heaven,
And give me the water of Life!

(Here we can raise awareness of the fact that less than 5% of water on the earth is available for our human consumption. Therefore it deserves protection and respect.)

The third Communion is with the Angel of Air,
Who spreads the perfume of sweet-smelling fields,
Of spring grass after rain, of the opening buds of the
Rose of Sharon.
We worship the Holy Breath which is placed higher
Than all the other things created.
For, lo, the eternal and sovereign Luminous space,
Where rule the unnumbered stars, is the air we breathe in
And the air we breathe out.
And in the moment betwixt the breathing in and the breathing out
Is hidden all the mysteries of the Infinite Garden.
Angel of Air Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
Enter deep within me,
As the swallow plummets from the sky,
That I may know the secrets of the wind
And the music of the stars.

(When it comes to clean air it is an instructive practice to try and hold the breath for a few minutes. Awareness is urgently required to protect air from pollution and green house gases which can threaten the thin blue line of our atmosphere.)

The fourth Communion is with the Angel of Earth,
She who brings forth corn and grapes
From the fullness of the earth,
Who brings children from the loins of husband and wife.
He who would till the earth, with the left arm and the right,
Unto him will she bring forth an abundance of fruit and grain,
Golden-hued plants growing up from the earth
During the Spring, as far as the earth extends,
As far as the rivers stretch, as far as the sun rises,
To impart their gifts of food unto men.
This wide earth do I praise expanded far with paths,
The productive, the full-bearing,
Thy Mother, hold plant!
Yes, I praise the lands where thou dost grow,
Sweet-scented, swiftly spreading,
The good growth of the Lord.
He who sows corn, grass and fruit, soweth the Law.
And his harvest shall be bountiful,
And his crop shall be ripe upon the hills,
As a reward for the followers of the Law,
The Lord sent the Angel of Earth,
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
To make the plants to grow,
And to make fertile the womb of woman,
That the earth may never be without
The laughter of children,
Let us worship the Lord in her!

(We are structurally coupled to the earth and so need to remember that species and their environments evolve together.)

The fifth Communion is with the Angel of Life,
She who gives strength and vigour to man.
For, lo, if the wax is not pure,
How then can the candle give a steady flame?
Go, then, toward the high-growing trees,
And before one of them which is beautiful,
High-growing and mighty say these words:
‘Hail unto thee! O good living tree,
Made by the Creator!’
Then shall the River of Life
Flow between you and your Brother, the tree,
And health of the body, swiftness of foot,
Quick hearing of the ears, strength of the arms
And eyesight of the eagle be yours.
Such is the Communion with the Angel of Life,
Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother.

(Corporate and investors’ profits are somewhat meaningless without Life. There is emerging a new and wondrous realisation that we don’t live a life or have a life but rather we are Life.)

The sixth Communion is with the Angel of Joy,
She who descends upon earth to give beauty to all men,
For the Lord is not worshipped with sadness,
Not with cries of despair.
Leave off your moans and lamentations,
And sing unto the Lord a new song:
Sing unto the lord, all the earth.
Let the heavens rejoice and let the earth be glad.
Let the field be joyful,
Let the floods clap their hands,
Let the hills be joyful together, Before the Lord.
For you shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace:
The mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing.
Angel of Joy, Holy messenger of the Earthly Mother,
I will sing unto the Lord as long as I live:
I will sing praise to my god while I have my being.

(Joy is our natural state as observation of a little child shows. We need not pursue it, rather we need to remove what is blocking it.)

The seventh Communion is with our Earthly Mother,
She who sends forth her Angels to guide the roots of man
And send them deep into the blessed soil.
We invoke the Earthly Mother!
The Holy Preserver! The Maintainer!
It is She who will restore the world!
The earth is hers, and the fullness thereof: the world,
And they that dwell therein.
We worship the good, the strong,
The beneficent Earthly Mother and all her Angels,
Bounteous, valiant, and full of strength;
Welfare-bestowing, kind, and health giving.
Through her brightness and glory
Do the winds blow, driving the clouds
Toward the never-failing springs.
The Earthly Mother and I are One.
I have my roots in her and she takes her delight in me,
According to the Holy Law.


Yes, the language is antiquated and odd sounding as is the term ‘God’ so we bear in mind  that this was written long ago for a simpler audience, one which was less involved in thinking and more directly connected with nature. Yet its power still resonates and when we look beyond the old fashioned diction we find the essence of a Matristic order.
Now it is up to each individual, dear reader, to implement these values into daily life replacing competition with co-operation; one way dealings with reciprocity; management of living systems with care and respect; conditional usage (exploitation) with unconditional protection. This is what the rise of the matristic means, not simply a shift in the status of women but a regaining of balance through a new awareness and way of being within both men and women so that Life may continue allowing us to prosper.